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Hoping to work with multiple podcasts focused on specific a category or niche? We simplify the process for you! Learn more about our unique approach to podcast advertising below.

How It Works

Our network represents podcasters of all sizes around the world. We find podcasts with the most potential and group them together into categories we call "podcast channels". We promote these channels to give them more exposure and we work with brands who are specifically interested in the audiences they represent. Instead of working with one podcast, you'll be working with us to create a single campaign with a producer-read ad that's dynamically placed in all the podcasts on that channel. It's the same amount of work for you, but your reach is far greater. And your return is stronger too because you're connecting with niche audiences who are genuinely interested in your product or service.

the power of niche podcasts

Here are some of the niche podcast channels we currently represent for dynamic ad insertion.
Click on the name to learn more about the individual podcasts and their reach.

Pregnancy & Parenting

Looking to connect with new parents and families? These podcasts discuss everything from pre-conception to parenting older children.

Global Sisterhood

This consortium of business, lifestyle, and inspirational podcasts specifically supports female thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Their content is built by women and for women to educate, uplift, and inspire!

podcast advertisers

Our Advertisers

Thank you to all the amazing businesses who support the podcasts on our network! Click to see more!

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