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We believe independent podcasters and their networks are the lifeblood of the podcasting industry. And we're excited about this partnership that allows your podcast or network to have amazing tools and resources to help them succeed. Take a look at everything we're offering below. If interested, please complete the brief form below and let's get started!


Single podcasts or networks

Our affiliate program is designed for podcasters and networks primarily interested in our tools and resources to stay competitive but otherwise operate separately. This is a great option for podcasters running their own podcast networks, those who want to remain independent from podcast networks, and those who belong to podcasting categories not yet available through IPN.

  • Megaphone Podcast Hosting and Analytics
  • Ability to Schedule and Run Dynamic Promos on Your Podcast/Network
  • Ability to Schedule and Run Dynamic Ads on Your Podcast/Network
  • Ad Revenue Share: Megaphone Targeted Marketplace
  • Membership to IPN’s Private Podcasting Community
  • Priority Scheduling with IPN Consultants
  • Priority Access to IPN Podcast Services
  • Weekly Training and Videos from IPN’s Podcast Experts

$4 CPM
$50 per month (minimum)

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