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Dynamic Ad Conversion Options

Interested in formatting your podcast episodes so you can easily run dynamic ads or promos? We offer two options depending on your budget, as well as some additional add-ons. If you’re interested in these services, please contact us directly.

Option: Basic
Cost: $4 per episode (including 2-mid-rolls) $2 per additional mid-roll.
Our editor will review your episodes on Megaphone and find two spots within each episode where a mid-roll spot could be inserted. We will also provide a Google sheet that lists each episode and the timecode for each mid-roll spot. You may need this if you ever decide to host your episodes with another podcast host provider. NOTE: There is no editing of your files with this option, we’re simply adding markers in Megaphone and finding two mid-roll spots with the content you’ve already released.

Option: Advanced
Cost: $8 per episode
Our editor physically edits your episode where the two mid-roll spots occur. We’ll include a custom bumper you create for us “We’ll be right back after this break” (or something like that), or some music that leads into the commercial break. We then save and export the file and re-upload it to Megaphone for you- adding the timecode for the mid-rolls spots and providing you with a Google sheet that lists each episode and the timecode for each mid-roll spot.

Remove baked-in commercials (recommended)- $2 per episode. You must tell us which episodes have these commercial spots.
Audio Mastering-$3 per episode. Ensures all audio in your episode is consistent so dynamic ads don’t sound too loud or too soft. Available only with Advanced option.

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