Independent Podcast Network

Join Our Network Channels

Discoverability is a major problem in podcasting. So, it’s important for your show to be seen in as many places as possible.

Our network has channels on some of the largest and most popular podcasting apps. And because you’re on our network, your show can be featured on these channels which makes it easier for listeners to find you.

But unfortunately, we can’t automatically add your show to these channels. It does require you to make a small change to your RSS feed, so these apps know you want to be added to our channel.

So, here’s how it works.

Note: You can still include your own name in the author tag, just be sure to add our network as well.

Our network contacts these apps at the end of each month to add new shows to our channels. Your podcast will be added to our list of shows, once you submit the form below. Please submit a new form for each podcast.


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