Independent Podcast Network


We're excited to partner with you!

We believe independent podcasters and their networks are the lifeblood of the podcasting industry. And we're excited about this partnership that allows your podcast or network to have amazing tools and resources to help them succeed. Take a look at everything we're offering below. If interested, please complete the brief form below and let's get started!


  • Channel Mini-Site or Podcast Page on IPN Website
  • Membership to IPN’s Private Podcaster Community
  • Training and Videos from Podcast Experts
  • Special Discounts for Podcast Events and Products
  • Chartable Podcast Analytics and Attribution Tools
  • Podchaser Demographics and Research Data
  • Megaphone Podcast Hosting and Analytics
  • Ad Revenue Share: Megaphone’s MTM Program (optional)
  • Priority Scheduling with IPN Consultants
  • Priority Access to IPN Podcast Services

$4 CPM / $50 per month minimum

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