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Matthew Bivens

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Matthew Bivens | Podcast Consultants | Podcast Planning & Coaching

Matthew is obsessed with helping people live rich and full lives in every way! He’s been podcasting since 2015 and helping others launch their podcasts for about that long as well.

He currently hosts two podcasts: Having It A.L.L., a top personal development show, and Doing It At Home, a groundbreaking birth podcast shaking up the parenting world. Matthew’s podcasts have generated millions of downloads. He’s also edited and produced nearly 1,000 podcast episodes and has interviewed hundreds of people from all walks of life.

Matthew has also successfully leveraged podcasting to grow my coaching and consulting businesses, allowing him to make an impact with his audience in ways that blogging and video marketing just couldn’t match. Through his podcast consulting, he’s helped entrepreneurs, organizations and brands of all sizes to launch, grow and monetize their podcasts.

According to Matthew, a successful podcast is a little bit art, a little bit science, and a little bit of secret sauce, and knowing the right mix can be the difference between surfing the podcast success wave or claiming a spot in the podcast graveyard (aka “podfading”). Don’t be like so many ambitious thought leaders who dive into podcasting solo without knowing what they’re doing! Matthew wants you to succeed in every way possible, and he’s committed to helping you not only find success in podcasting but truly enjoy the experience as you’re doing the thing you truly want to be doing: providing value to the people you want to serve.

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"Matthew is awesome. I love to create content, but I had no idea how to begin a podcast. Matthew helped me get crystal clear on my audience and voice and made the technical side so much easier. Every time I had a question -- and I had a lot of them -- he quickly gave me an answer. Matthew exceeded my expectations in every way. If you want to launch a podcast or want to increase your audience engagement, I highly recommend Matthew Bivens. You won't regret it." -- Garland Vance, CEO AdVance Leadership

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