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Using Chartable to Track Your Podcast

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Being a podcaster typically means wearing a bunch of different hats, at least for most independent podcasters.

This can take a lot of time and energy. You don’t want to spin your wheels, so you need to know what efforts are actually working. Chartable is a helpful tool that allows podcasters to better track and compare their overall analytics, and determine the effectiveness of their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Normally, full access to Chartable’s tools would cost $300 per month, but these tools are included with any of our network’s paid membership plans.  You’ll receive a private login, so you’ll only see results for the podcasts specifically assigned to your account.

Tracking your podcast with Chartable

  1. Podcast Analytics
    The first step is to login into your podcast host provider, and add a prefix to your RSS feed.  If you’re already on our network’s Megaphone account, we can do it for you. Once that prefix has been added, your Chartable account will start tracking key listener behaviors. It will also gather your podcast reviews for you and show you where you ranking on their podcast charts. You can also choose to have the stats automatically emailed to you.
  2. SmartLinks
    With SmartLinks, you can create one link that allows people to subscribe to your podcast, or listen to an episode in any platform you want. This is great for tracking the effectiveness of your social media campaigns, newsletter blasts and online advertising. These links are trackable, and you can create as many as you want, so you can finally tell how many people are finding your podcast.
  3. SmartPromos
    We know podcast ads are a great way to grow your listenership, but it’s always been difficult to measure. Not anymore. Chartable’s SmartPromos offers direct podcast-to-podcast attribution so you can see how many times someone who heard your podcast promo on other show- resulted in them listening to your episodes. Our network offers built-in cross-promotion for our members, and we’re using SmartPromos whenever possible to help the shows on our network grow. Additional fees apply if you’re tracking podcast promos on shows outside of the IPN podcast network, so please keep that in mind.
  4. SmartAds
    SmartAds allow you to determine how effectively your podcast ads are performing for your advertisers. This is typically done on the advertiser-side of the Chartable dashboard, which you do not have access to through our network’s Chartable account. However, you are able to see the analytics in real-time so you can closely monitor the campaign. If you notice the campaign isn’t converting well, you can always proactively offer to make adjustments to the ads, or perhaps create some SmartLinks to promote specific episodes through social media in hopes of increasing your advertiser’s return on investment.

Getting Started with Chartable

If you’re interested in the attribution features Chartable provides, please complete the online form below. If you don’t already have a paid membership plan with our network, you will need to upgrade before we can add your podcast to our Chartable account.

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