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Here are some great podcasting resources we highly recommend. Some resources are free, some are part of affiliate programs that help support our network, and others are listed here just because we love them!

Podcast Music through Soundstripe
Music can make or break your podcast. But, who has time to coordinate lengthy contracts and pay tons of money to get quality music for your episodes? Fear not… because there’s Soundstripe! This is the best resource we’ve found where you can pay on a yearly fee and download as much music (and sound effects) as you want and it’s all included! Plus, their music is awesome, you’re going to love it. Enter promo code PARENTS at checkout and show us some affiliate love. 🙂
Price: $245/yearly

366 Days of Social Media Posts
Tackle social media and save hours of time and stress with Angie Gensler’s 2020 Social Media Content Calendar. It’s 366 days of social media content planned out for you! If posting on social media stresses you out- then this calendar is a must. We use it every day for our network!
Price: $48

Podcaster Legal Audit
Use this 1-on-1 telephone consultation and legal audit to identify specific actions you can take to keep your podcast legal, reduce your risk and exposure, and protect your personal and business assets.
Price: 30 minutes for $297.00. By appointment only.

Podcaster’s Legal & Business Bootcamp
If you’re a podcaster, and you haven’t yet gotten all of your legal ducks in a row, this is your opportunity! Learn how, when and why forming an LLC might be right for your podcast. Discover how to avoid content-disputes, and protect your own content. Also, learn how to select, protect and defend your show’s title and other intellectual property assets, and more!
Price: TBD

The Podcaster’s Business & Legal Toolkit
Legal forms and templates for your podcasting needs. This includes a free podcast release form for your guests! You can also download various forms such as a DMCA takedown notice, Co-Host and Production agreements, confidentiality agreements and a basic podcast advertiser agreement.
Price: Free- $247.00

Legal Service Plan for Podcasters
What if you had your very own in-house counsel on call to answer your questions, provide you with the forms, contracts, and legal support to run your podcast business confidently? In big media, whenever a question arises, or a new deal is in the works, they “run it by legal”, and now you can do the same- without breaking the bank!
Price: $149/monthly, $1650/yearly

Podcast, Blog & New Media Producer’s Legal Survival Guide, e-book
The information contained in The Podcast, Blog & New Media Producer’s Legal Survival Guide can save you tens or hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in legal fees, months or years of litigation, and countless sleepless nights. Lawsuits are no fun. Learn how to avoid them.
Price: $19.97

The Top 5 Money Mistakes Podcasters Make Free Download