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Many of us grew up in and around archetypes. Like school, we were told to learn a series of seemingly arbitrary things to be able to accomplish some greater skills. An archetype locks together, the who, what, and how that you serve. Like a firefighter, the basketball player, a pop star, influencer, doctor, and lawyer.

Archetypes keep us locked into these labels and when they don’t have room for the labels, they don’t have room for us. And this leaves us chasing the clock and the competition. Wondering not only where do we go next, but how did we even get here? That’s where prototypes come in.

Prototypes unlock the who, what and how that you serve. So you can be a web developer that shares music to serve bands or a teacher that works solely online to help kids that might not fit as well at school.

Join us to learn about zooming past archetypes to unlock your prototype.

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