A Gut Feeling

Empower your gut healing journey

Jaclyn Renee, a Holistic Health Coach and Digestive specialist, uncovers the powerful interconnection between the brain and the gut. On her own journey to healing, Jaclyn discovered that gut health is the root cause of most diseases, many of which can be reversed with nutrition and lifestyle. She expertly unpacks and explains how digestive distress can lead to a host of health challenges – including anxiety, inflammation and chronic inflammatory issues. Discover tips and tricks to reduce bloat and digestive issues and learn that food is medicine and the quintessential key to finally being “in tune” with your body.

The Host

Jaclyn Renee assists her clients in fixing their gut health by using food and self-care as their medicine. Having gone through many of her own illnesses including IBS and anxiety, Jaclyn entered the world of holistic health when countless doctors and tests were not working for her. She helps her clients peel back the layers of their health most often starting with the gut, which she believes is the root cause of all disease.

With personalized programs, her holistic gut system, along with individual accountability, she helps her clients get to the root cause of their symptoms and helps them return to feeling comfortable in their own skin. She takes into consideration the health history and goals of each individual and formulates personalized plans to meet each client where they are as she helps them make significant and rewarding life and health changes.

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