Bring Your Soul To Work

Get Career Clarity and Find the Work You Love!

If you’re not doing the work you love or are looking for a life change, join Mo Faul each week for Bring Your Soul To Work. As a mentor and coach, Mo will help you dig deep and discover what really makes you happy. Each week Mo will offer career clarity and share tips and strategies to help you focus on what you want to do and how to make it happen.

About the Host

Maureen Faul, best known to her clients as “Coach Mo,” moves women forward in their careers by bringing their souls alive. 

Coach Mo is a 30-year executive veteran, having ascended from registered nurse to C-suite leadership — so she knows the ropes when it comes to career acceleration! Coach Mo has a special talent in helping professional women be more effective in the inner game of executive presence, strategies, and tactics for leadership success while bringing their souls to work.

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