Energy Activation with Sandra Anne Taylor

Awaken Your Power to Be, Do and Have What You Really Want

Access the power within you and around you with best-selling author, counselor, and consultant Sandra Anne Taylor. This podcast explores the holistic and spiritual nature of attraction and manifestation. Discover the science of personal energy patterns as Sandra shares techniques and affirmations to shift your energy on a regular basis. Sandra teaches listeners how to use tools like Oracle Cards, visualizations, imagery, and their own intuition to bring in a new job, relationship, or just more happiness into their lives. The Energy Activation podcast will become your secret weapon to learn how to harness these powerful techniques for connecting spirit, mind, and manifestation.

The Host

Sandra Anne Taylor is the New York Times best-selling author of books including Quantum Success, Secrets of Attraction, Your Quantum Breakthrough Code, and The Akashic Records Made Easy.

Her oracle cards, Energy & Spirit Oracle, The Quantum Oracle and the Energy Oracle Cards reveal both universal influences and upcoming events with amazing accuracy. The Akashic Tarot (written with Sharon Klingler) opens the records in stunningly predictive and inspirational ways. The Priestess of Light Oracle (created with artist Kimberly Webber) channels wisdom of divine feminine archetypes and sacred geometry to reveal meaningful messages and profound predictive tools.

Sandra’s books and cards are available in over 32 languages worldwide.

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