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HEARTCAST: A Coach for your Heart with Ed McShane

Elevate your heart and your life!

Commit to Love and leave Fear behind.  Follow Ed McShane – who is “A COACH FOR YOUR HEART” – as he guides you to live a life with meaning, direction, and happiness. By applying Ed’s groundbreaking WECARE process, whether you’re diapering babies or driving through traffic, your Heart-Centered Life begins here!

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About the Host

Ed McShane has been a psychotherapist and life coach in Southern California for over thirty years.

Ed has treated thousands of clients with his warm, accepting, and unique method of counseling. He created the WECARE formula – Watch, Experience, Connect, Assess, Respond, Encourage – to help elevate awareness and acceptance of others, with insight in your mind and love in your heart.

After twenty years as “A Coach for Your Heart” with KPBS and CBS radio in San Diego, Ed joined forces with the incredible Mind Body Spirit.fm Podcast Network to help lead the way into a life that’s lifted by love.

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