Inside Up with Krystene Du Maurier

When life looks upside down, turn in and look up!

Sometimes life seems upside down. These challenging times can disorient and wear down our hearts, health, and passion for living. As an intuitive healer, psychic advisor, and spiritual life coach, Krystene helps people feel better and live great lives. For 25+ years, she has used numerology and her own psychic gifts to help people navigate, celebrate and light up their lives. Learn how to live in your own unique celebration of self with an optimistic curiosity that makes every day a grand adventure. When life looks upside down it’s time to turn inside and look UP!

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About the Host

Krystene has been working as an intuitive counselor and quantum healer and teacher for the past 25 years. She regularly holds training summits for those looking to explore and experience direct connection to their Original Design and Authentic Self without an intermediary through a user-friendly process of mindfulness practices and practical applications.

She is an accomplished pianist, composer and performer of original works created for the purpose of expanding and enhancing the neuro-networking systems of our mental and emotional fields of awareness and higher states of consciousness.

Her music can be found on Spotify and iTunes. For private consultations and information on upcoming training summits and events visit her website.

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