Integrative Mystic

Come play in the spaces where the two worlds meet!

From the cosmic to the earthly, the magic to the mundane, the intuitive to the logical, come play in the spaces where the two worlds meet and create more joy, success, and fulfillment in life! Explore the mystical side of life in a multidimensional way, engaging in fun and spiritual exercises drawing upon universal laws, metaphysical principles, and empowering creative rituals! Partner with the Divine and watch the magic unfold! Anne is a counselor, coach, artist, writer, and clairvoyant.

About the Host

Anne Vivian is a clairvoyant, visionary, artist, intuitive coach, counselor, and writer, and uses an integrative mind-body-spirit approach to working with her clients. She has degrees in Studio Art and Counseling, and specializes in intuitive development, Psychosynthesis, dream work, and spiritual creativity.

Since 2009, she has empowered individuals to access and apply their own inner wisdom, creativity, and co-creative power, conducting both groups and individual sessions. Please visit Anne’s website for more information on her services, sessions, Dream Circles, Intuitive Development Circles, or Manifesting groups.

Please note, this podcast is not intended to provide medical or mental health counseling/advice, and is created for self-development purposes.

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