Real Life Angel Encounters

Real Angel Stories with Angel Communicator Christi Clemons Hoffman

Angels. We all have them. They’re our unseen guides, our companions, our teachers, and they’re all around us. Sometimes, they make themselves known in the most miraculous ways. Hear inspiring true stories of angels among us told by the real people who experienced them. Impossible encounters, visits from loved ones, true angel stories, miraculous interventions, after-death visits and more. Hosted by Angel Communicator, Reiki Master, and QHHT Level 3 practitioner Christi Clemons Hoffman, MA CHt. If you’d like to share your own Real Life Angel Encounter, email Christi using the email icon below.

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About the Host

Award-winning medium and angel communicator, Christi Clemons Hoffman, is the owner of Radiate Wellness, an international virtual holistic wellness center.

She assists clients through “Readings, Reiki, and Regression”—that is, Akashic Records, animal communication, medical intuition, Reiki healing, and hypnotherapy—in her office in Prairie Village, Kansas, and online.

Her passion is helping people know about the spiritual support teams we all have. We are never alone.

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