The Genna Effect

Become Unstoppable! What’s Holding You Back?

Discover the secret to becoming unstoppable! Join psychic therapist, medium, and author, Vincent Genna on his podcast The Genna Effect. Vincent will use his almost 40 years of experience in the fields of metaphysics, the paranormal, and psychology to provide you with tools to recognize and let go of unconscious blocks so you can create the life of your dreams! Learn how to develop the consciousness and practices to elevate your ability to live an authentically expressed life. Discover the steps you need to manifest what you desire in this life. Put the Law of Attraction to work in your life now.

The Host

Using his almost four decades of experience, study, and research in the fields of metaphysics, the paranormal, and psychology, Vincent has provided thousands of people around the world the opportunity for deep emotional healing, radical spiritual awakenings, and the key to making everything they attempt work through his inspiring radio and television interviews, dynamic and loving keynote presentations, workshops and classes, and private sessions.

Vincent has been appearing around the country on numerous major ABC, CBS, NBC, and Gaia television shows, including Beyond Belief, World News Today, and Good Morning America, along with his acclaimed radio interviews on networks as Coast-to-Coast AM, iHeart Radio, and Sirius XM.

Not only is Vincent beloved on US television, but he has been featured on several UK television programs as well. As a local psychic therapist, medium, and paranormal expert and personality, Vincent appears as a regular on the Raleigh CBS television show, My Carolina.

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