The Intuitive Life with Laura Wooster

Develop and Enhance Your Intuitive Gifts

Join Psychic Medium and teacher Laura Wooster to learn how to develop and enhance your intuitive life. in this podcast, Laura will welcome some fascinating guests and teach you how to connect with your loved ones in Spirit and interpret the messages they leave behind. Drawing from over 18 years of study and practice with the top spiritual teachers in the world, Laura offers peace in the awareness that we continue to exist after we have left this earth. Connect with Laura to get a question answered on the show or get a reading with loved ones on the Other Side.

About the Host

Laura Wooster is a Psychic Medium, Teacher, and host of The Intuitive Life podcast. Laura is a Spiritualist minister ordained by The Journey Within Spiritualist Church, Pompton Lakes, NJ. With a calm and supportive presence, Laura offers private Intuitive sessions to help you become the person you are meant to be while honoring where you are today. In addition, she offers private Mediumship sessions that offer peace in the awareness that your departed loved ones are still present. Laura facilitates intuitive/psychic development classes and ongoing monthly development circles in New England.

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