The Next Room with Jane Asher

Death…It’s a Dinner Conversation

Jane Asher takes you on a soulful journey to explore and embrace the bigger picture surrounding life on earth…and what follows. She speaks with authors, friends, transition specialists and other experts about death, dying, grieving, beliefs, afterlife, and cultural traditions surrounding this journey we all must ultimately take. So, what is next, after life on this plane? Jane is curious and will connect you with others that wish to dive deeper into our beliefs about the next chapter.

The Host

After a successful career in media and the music industry, Jane Asher stepped away from terrestrial radio and launched her podcast The Next Room. To Jane, death is a dinner conversation. She interviews professionals and practitioners about death, dying, grief, beliefs, afterlife and cultural traditions surrounding the journey we all must ultimately make.

 Her book, The Next Room, is a story transcending space and time, of a relationship between mother and daughter that grew stronger through death. Written together, by initially enlisting interpretation through a psychic medium, the book takes us on a daughter’s journey through learning eternal life lessons on forgiveness, grief, grace, gratitude, and the limitless love of all, God.

Jane is passionate about mission work, especially those helping women and children. She travels outside the United States to build homes and schools and to feed the homeless.

Jane lives in San Diego with her husband, Tom.

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