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Awesome! We're stronger together.

Here at IPN, we are excited about helping podcasters team up to support and encourage each other. If you already have a group of podcasts you're partnered with- we'd love to give you the tools and resources you need so your podcasts are successful. On our network, we call these groups "channels". We have one channel plan, with an option for podcasts to pay individually, or for the channel to cover the costs.

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podcasters pay individually or as a group

  • Channel Mini-Site on IPN Website
  • Podcast Page for Every Show
  • Megaphone Podcast Hosting and Analytics
  • Ad Revenue Share: Spotify Audience Network (optional)
  • Press Release Announcing Partnership with IPN
  • Invitation to Join Podcast Network Alliance
  • Podcast Training and Videos
  • Priority Scheduling for Podcast Consulting
  • Priority Access to Podcast Services
  • Special Discounts to Podcast Events, Products, Services

Podcasters Pay Individually: $4 CPM/ $50 Monthly Minimum
Channel Pays for All Podcasts: $4 CPM/ $200 Monthly Minimum

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