Getting Started with Megaphone

Megaphone is our network’s preferred podcast host provider. Learn more about this incredible platform and discover how it can help your podcast grow and monetize!

Creating Your Megaphone Account

ew to Megaphone? Here are some things to consider as you set up your new account! Learn more about logging into your account, creating users, accessing your Megaphone dashboard, and adjusting your account settings.

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Import Your Podcast to Megaphone

Need to import an existing podcast into Megaphone? We’ll show you how to create networks, add your podcast URL (RSS feed), customize your new Megaphone podcast URL, and redirect your podcast from your previous podcast host provider.

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Adding New Podcasts to Megaphone

Here’s how you create and add a new podcast to your Megaphone account. Learn how to add networks, create a new podcast, add information to your podcast feed, customize your Megaphone podcast feed URL (RSS feed), upload your podcast cover art, and add an audio logo.

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Adding Episodes to Megaphone

Ready to add episodes to your podcast hosted on Megaphone? Discover how to create draft episodes that allow you to use Megaphone’s inventory feature. You also learn how to upload episodes, enter your episode description and other details, schedule or publish your episode, and add dynamic ad markers.

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Distributing Your Podcast

It’s time to distribute your podcast hosted on Megaphone. We review everything you need before you start distributing your episodes online. You’ll also discover the top podcast destination platforms and how to access your Megaphone podcast feed URL (RSS feed).

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Megaphone Links and Embeddable Players

Ready to share your podcast with the world? We’ll show you how to grab your episode’s direct media file, customize Megaphone’s embeddable players for both single episodes and complete podcasts, and create custom clips you can turn into audiograms and promote on social media.

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Megaphone Ad Campaigns and Promos

Let’s run some promos and ad campaigns with Megaphone! Learn how Megaphone prioritizes which ads and promos to run. We’ll also create an ad campaign and order from scratch, and learn how to find analytics showing your impressions.

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Joining the Spotify Audience Network

Let’s make some easy money with the Spotify Audience Network! Learn how Megaphone matches advertisers with podcasts, how to apply for the program, and how you can customize your experience with price floors and advertiser exemptions.

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