Produce Your Podcast

Ok, now the fun really begins. It’s time to put all your prepping and planning into action. You are now ready to start producing your podcast so you can share it with the world!

Podcast Transcriptions and Show Notes

Transcriptions can be a great way to promote your podcast, but probably not for the reason you think. I’ll share with you my personal experience and how you can use transcriptions to grow your audience. Show notes are elaborate episode descriptions that may include detailed information about what’s inside your episode and even have time codes and links to additional resources. This can be helpful for SEO purposes and to also provide a great service to your audience.

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Basic Podcast Editing Tips

So, you think you want to edit your own podcast? Good for you… you will learn a lot. In this video, I’m going to show you the basic principles of editing, so you can determine if this is something you should do for your podcast, or if it’s best that you outsource it.

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Storing and Organizing Your Podcast Files

Congrats! You’re done recording your first episode! Now, what do you do with all the files? Keeping your files organized is super important – especially if you’re bulk recording or recording for multiple podcasts. In this video, I share some of my favorite tips on keeping your desktop neat and clean!

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Interviewing Your Podcast Guests

Podcast hosts can make or break your podcast. But what exactly is their role? And what are some best practices when involving guests in your show? I’ve been fortunate to host hundreds of podcast episodes and book too many guests to count. Here’s what I’ve learned along the way..

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Basic Podcast Recording Tips

The more your record, the more you learn… and the better your overall workflow will become. But, I have learned some tricks along the way to make your recording run as smoothly as possible. And that’s what this video is all about.

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Recording Your Podcast: Local Vs. Remote

You’ve got a couple of different ways you can record your podcast episodes. I recommend getting an account with Zencastr. This is a remote recording platform that allows you and your guests to meet at the same link so you can record all of their tracks separately.

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Your Podcast Episode Checklist

There are a lot of steps involved in creating a podcast episode from scratch, so I’ve created a special checklist for you. Be sure to download it! We’ll dive into each of these steps throughout this course, but this checklist is a great way to ensure you’re making progress and staying on track so you can release each episode on time!

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