Promote Your Podcast

Your episodes have been produced and now it’s time share them and grow your audience. Here are some of the best strategies to promote your podcast!

Podcast Websites and Social Media

Do you really need a website for your podcast? What if your business already has a website? And what’s the deal with social media? Are people really interested in hearing about your podcast while they’re scrolling through their cat memes?

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Promoting Your Podcast through Ads

If you’re going to promote your podcast through advertising- how do you know what type of advertising to choose? What about local ads versus national ads? I’ll show how to make the most of your local podcast, and how you can use online ads to really target your demographic.

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Encouraging Guests to Promote Your Podcast

If you invite special guests or experts to be on your podcast, it’s a good idea to encourage them to promote their episode once it’s released- but DON’T make it mandatory. That’s just mean (and selfish). If you really want your guests to promote, here are some strategies that really help.

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Podcast Promos and Cross-Promotion

The fastest (and least expensive) way to grow your podcast audience is to cross-promote with other podcasts. It takes a little bit of grit, but it only makes sense to appeal to people who are already listening to podcasts. In this video, I’ll explain what elements need to be included in your podcast promo and the best ways to connect with other podcasts for a promo swap!

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Podcast Distribution Websites and Apps

You now have an amazing podcast, but how do you tell the world about it? The first step is to distribute your podcast to as many websites and apps as possible. In this video, I share the most popular places where you need to distribute your RSS feed so you can grow your audience quickly. There are three directories where 90% of podcasts are consumed, so submit to those first.

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