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So, you want to start a podcast. Or perhaps you've already started one, but you're still unclear on how you actually make this podcasting thing work. No worries. That's why we're here. We simplify podcasting by providing podcasters with experts, tools and resources to stay competitive. Want to learn more?

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Leveling the playing field for podcasters

You may not be a celebrity or have millions of marketing dollars. Still, we believe your voice should be heard. As a podcast on our network, we'll pair your show with other podcasts in similar categories, so you can easily cross-promote and grow your audience. Your show will also be featured on our network pages on the most popular podcasting apps so more listeners can find you. And you'll also get important podcasting tips from our experts with ways to improve your show.


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Professional podcast tools at affordable prices

As an independent podcaster, you are the lifeblood of podcasting. We do everything possible to give you the tools, resources and opportunities you need to excel- regardless of your audience size. And it all starts with having access to Megaphone - our robust platform for publishing, measuring and monetizing your podcast. We'll also connect you with advertisers, coach you on how sell your own products and services, or create a special membership club for your listeners.


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Because podcasters are stronger together

Don't podcast alone! Get support and encouragement from other podcasters in our private podcasting community. You'll also have priority access to experienced podcast coaches so you can ask specific questions about your show. And we provide in-house podcasting services to simplify everything for you. We're your one-stop podcasting shop!

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