Hybrid Affiliate Marketing

IPN is all about helping podcasters achieve their goals. When it comes to monetization, we believe that smaller podcasts can be very influential, but they are often overlooked due to the size of their audience. And that’s why we focus on creative solutions that benefit both the podcaster and the advertiser.

Affiliate marketing has always been a lower-cost advertising option for brands to reach potential customers. However, from the podcaster’s point of view, it requires a considerable amount of work with the potential of no financial reward. And that’s why many podcasters focus more on direct sales advertising where the revenue is pre-determined, usually based on the amount of downloads or impressions.

However, if we want more brands to start advertising in the podcasting space so there’s more opportunity for podcasters, then we have to start thinking outside the proverbial “box”. And that’s why IPN has created what we call the “Hybrid Affiliate Marketing” or “HAM” method of podcast advertising.

How Does Hybrid Affiliate Marketing Work?

Hybrid Affiliate Marketing is a combination of direct sales advertising and affiliate marketing. A single campaign usually involves multiple podcasts that have been grouped together according to their genre. As with direct sales advertising, the brands do pay money for these ad campaigns, but they receive a 50% discount. That revenue goes to IPN and covers the costs of creating the ads spots and managing the campaigns.

These advertisements run dynamically on podcasts, but only if direct sales campaigns and programmatic ads are not available. This ensures the podcaster isn’t forfeiting revenue from other advertising opportunities. The ad continues to run on the podcasts until it has reached the agreed-upon amount of downloads. For this reason, it is not uncommon for a HAM campaign to run for six months or more.

Listen to a sample affiliate ad.

Each podcast that’s part of the campaign will have a unique link that’s promoted in the ad to connect purchases to that respective podcast. All the revenue generated through those links will go directly to the podcaster. This is a win-win for the podcast because very little work is involved and it allows them to fill their ad inventory so they can maximize their profits. IPN already has affiliate accounts with Commission Junction (CJ) and Share-A-Sale, among others. When a purchase is made through the podcast’s unique link, the commission will be paid to IPN initially, who then pays the podcaster.

The Hybrid Affiliate Marketing method is a great way for brands to get an amazing deal on podcast ads and work with smaller influential podcasts to expand their reach. Podcasters can join as many affiliate campaigns as they want, without the hassle of managing their own affiliate accounts, creating ads, managing campaigns, and tracking payments. And IPN is the glue that holds everything together. Our goal is to introduce more brands to the podcasting space. Once they have a successful campaign with Hybrid Affiliate Marketing, we believe it’s possible to take the relationship one step further with direct sales to create a longer, more profitable relationship between the brand and the podcast.

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