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Woohoo! You're one step closer to joining a group of really cool podcasters, who love to support and encourage each other! We offer both free and paid membership plans. Haven't started your podcast yet? No worries! Click the button below and we'll help you get started!

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They say one is the "loneliest number", but not on our network! We group your podcast with other shows in similar categories. This creates the ideal community for growing your show and learning from other podcast fanatics, just like you! And did we already mention our plan that's completely free?

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There's many terms for this... a network, collection, consortium? On IPN, they're called "channels". And our goal is to make creating one as easy as possible. We give you access to tools previously only available to big podcast companies. Oh, and we NEVER mess with your content or ownership. That's 100% yours.

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