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Sunny interviews Jen Lumanlan, host of the podcast Your Parenting Mojo. Jen has a Master’s degree in Psychology with a focus on Child Development and is also pursuing a Master’s degree in Education. Jen believes that there is an overflow of parenting resources available for parents, but these resources are sometimes supported by philosophies that may not always be suitable for every parent. She has made it her duty to educate parents on research-based ideas to help our children and our future thrive today.

In this episode, Jen shares some of the most effective ways to discipline a young child, based on research. In this episode, Jen discusses traditional ways parents discipline their kids and then the overall effectiveness of those methods. You’ll also hear alternatives to traditional ways of disciplining your children based on decades of scientific research as well as what’s worked in her own family. Jen drops the bomb on some of the popular methods of discipline that I’m sure you may even be using yourself! Some of these methods are even strongly supported by our own parents, who claim we turned out well because of these very disciplinary practices. Listen to what Jen has to say about the most effective ways to discipline a young child.

This podcast is for you if you’ve ever wondered…

  • Is spanking my child really bringing about the behavioral change I want to see?
  • Does my reward system for good behavior have an end goal in mind?
  • Is there another way to respond to my child other than constantly saying “no”?
  • How can I truly show my child respect in a way that he/she can appreciate?

Resources mentioned in this episode

How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen: A Survival Guide to Life with Children Ages 2-7 By Julie King and Joanna Faber

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