Dynamic Ad Insertion

Learn the benefits of dynamic ad insertion and how you can use it to attract more advertisers and dramatically increase your podcast revenue.

Marking Your Podcast Ad Inventory

When working with advertisers, it’s crucial to be aware of your available ad spots in podcast episodes. Utilizing different features on your podcast host provider can help you manage ad inventory effectively. We’ll show you how!

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How to Earn More Podcast Money with Dynamic Ad Insertion

There are two ways to incorporate ads into a podcast: baked-in ads, which are physically edited into episodes, and dynamic ad insertion (DAI), where ads are inserted using DAI technology. The switch from baked-in ads to DAI resulted in a significant increase in podcast revenue.

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Formatting New Podcast Episodes for Dynamic Ad Insertion

Most podcasters are unaware of Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) when they launch their podcast, resulting in episodes that aren’t formatted for dynamic ads. We’re here to help!  Check out this video and learn how to format new episodes for dynamic ads, the importance of seamless transitions and the strategic placement of ad markers in your […]

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Creating Ad Markers For Your Podcast Episodes

Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) can see like a lot of work! It requires strategy and thought. Consistency across all your episodes is important, including previously released ones!  Check out how to create ad markers to get your show started with DAI!

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Podcast Host Providers that Provide Dynamic Ad Insertion

Your podcast’s ability to run dynamic ads depends on your podcast host provider. It’s important to choose a provider that supports dynamic ad insertion effectively. In this part of the course, we’ll give you some tips on what you need to consider when choosing your podcast host provider.

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Creating Direct Sales Ad Campaigns for Podcasts

In this video, we’ll explain direct sales and how they differ from programmatic ads and direct sales. The process of setting up an ad campaign will vary depending on your podcast host provider and whether or not you’re working with a network.

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Working with Podcast Advertisers: Direct Sales

You can secure direct sales deals through various channels such as brand outreach, media buyers, podcast networks, or external sales teams. Using a podcast host provider like Megaphone can help streamline the campaign setup and management process.

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Adding Category Exclusions and Price Floors for Your Podcast

When running programmatic or VAST ads on your podcast, you have control over the type of ads and any exclusions you want to apply. Additionally, you can set a price floor for these ads. In this video, we’ll show how to add these price floors with our preferred podcast hosting platform, Megaphone.

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Writing and Recording Ads for Your Podcast

There are three types of podcast ads: pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll, each with different lengths and placement. Writing and recording successful podcast ads involve relating to your audience, providing information about the product or service, sharing your opinion, and including a clear call-to-action. It’s crucial to be authentic, follow advertiser instructions, and maintain consistency in […]

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Getting Paid from Podcast Advertisers

It’s important to establish clear payment policies and be patient throughout the process. The process and timing of getting paid when working with advertisers for your podcast can vary whether you’re working directly with an advertiser or through an ad agency.

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How Dynamic Ad Insertion Helps Podcasters

Dynamic ad insertion (DAI) technology offers several benefits to podcasters. It can be used to advertise across an entire podcast library, allows ads to be inserted in all episodes, provides ad flexibility and enables targeted ad placement.

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