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Why Bulk-Recording Your Podcast Saves Time and Money

Improve the Effectiveness of Your Podcast Recordings As a business owner, there are two things I’m always trying to save..TIME and MONEY. Time because it’s precious, you can’t get any more of it. And money because that’s what makes the world go round. In podcasting, one way to save time and money is by bulk […]

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6 Ways to Repurpose Your Podcast Content

Keeping in constant contact with your audience while giving them a consistent stream of entertaining content can take a significant amount of time. But, you can reduce your workload while still giving your audience a fresh stream of content by repurposing your podcast content. Repurposing your content can also help you reach new audiences on different platforms that you can turn into full-blown fans.

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Start Your Podcast with $250 or Less

Most businesses have a budget – something you reflect on throughout the year to make sure your business stays “in the black”. It’s essential, right? Your podcast needs a budget as well. And you don’t have to break the bank. But some things you don’t want to skimp out on. Today you’ll learn how to start your podcast for $250 or less.

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How I 10x’d My Podcast Revenue

Sometimes in business, you have one of those magical moments. I call them “lightbulb moments”. You’re plugging away at something and then BOOM, the light comes on. You’ve figured something out. This is how I felt when I first started making money with my podcasts.

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Podcast Recording: The Importance of Using an Outline or a Script

Scripts provide significant value in recording and production, as they give the performer a detailed progression for how to convey a thought or idea. While your favorite podcast might seem unscripted, even the largest podcasts use a script or outline for at least portions of their shows. A script can leave room for improvisation to make the show feel more conversational.

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