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In Your Element

We share practices, modalities, and events that aim to empower teenage girls with the means to identify, embrace, and articulate their unique experience.

Fifteen-year-old host and TEDx speaker, Abby Jones, chats with some of the most inspiring educators, creators, and change-makers reflecting on their teen years, what makes them feel the most “in their element” on the daily, and things they wish they had known as a teenager.

Mary Allard

Mary has an infectious positive energy that lifts up everyone she meets and is known for her ability to bridge the conventional and unconventional with all that she does. 

Earning a degree in Contemplative Psychology of Health and Healing and becoming trained in authentic leadership and communication styles, she is naturally drawn to work that ignites growth, purpose, and community among people and organizations.

Mary is currently the Co-Founder of the ellement collective, produces and co-hosts two podcasts (In Your Ellement and The Third Place), is a Mentor for the Eating Disorder Foundation, and is a Culture Consultant for start-ups.

Mary is a devoted mom, passionate yogi, and avid mountain biker who loves nature, is obsessed with tea and driven by connection.

Abby Jones

Hi there! My name is Abby Jones and I’m 15.

I did a TEDx Talk when I was 12, subsequently went on the Today Show, and ever since then have loved being able to share some of my small amass of wisdom with others. This also sparked my love of public speaking, which I never thought I would even remotely enjoy. Now, thanks to Mary and Kylie, I get to host a podcast for Ellement! I will get to speak with so many amazing, influential women. So. Friggin. Cool.

I’m so excited to be a part of Ellement Collective. I have always been so interested in projects that support women and I had seen projects with a similar idea in the past, but they were all so cheesy and overdone that I never wanted to get involved. That is, until I found Mary and Kylie. The way that they run their app and disperse knowledge and insight to teen girls around the world is inspiring and incredible.

I feel so blessed to be a part of this. I love getting to make any sort of difference in the world, so having the chance to help Mary and Kylie impact the lives of other teen girls is so phenomenal.

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