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Power Your Mind

Control Your Thoughts, Create Your Life

A hypnotherapy podcast: Purely positive affirmations over calm music to help train your mind for powerful change on many topics. Only 10-11 minutes each, listen repeatedly for 30 days for best results. Learn how to access your subconscious mind to create new ideas, think positively, overcome limitations, guide yourself to excellence and more. Many topics to choose from, repeat one program numerous times or line them up and listen as you sleep. “While You Sleep” series available for mp3 download on YouTube at

Meet the host

Julie Nygard is the founder of The Chocolate Therapist chocolate company in Littleton, Colorado. A passionate researcher of both chocolate and nutrition, she found a way to combine her love through writing.

She’s the author of two books about chocolate including “The Chocolate Therapist: A User’s Guide to the Extraordinary Health Benefits of Chocolate” and “Dare to Pair: The Ultimate Guide to Chocolate and Wine Pairing” and has given a TEDx presentation on the health benefits of chocolate. Julie is also the author of “The Last Damn Diet: A Step by Step Guide to End Your War with Food Forever,” “Life Overhaul: What Are You Waiting For?’ and her latest e-books “101 Easy Ways to Be Happier, and “101 Easy Ways to Be Healthier.”

In addition to her chocolate business and writing, Julie hosts the “Power Your Mind” podcast (available on all major platforms), which contains positive affirmations and autosuggestions focused on goal achievement and positive life change. A trained hypnotherapist, Julie has used hypnotherapy to achieve many of her life goals, and she shares her techniques as well as dozens of sessions on this podcast free of charge.

When she’s not working in her chocolate shop or writing her next book, you’ll find her skiing, mountain biking, or hiking in beautiful mountains all over the world.

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