Megaphone: Getting Started with Your Podcast

Our network is proud to partner with Megaphone, our preferred podcast hosting platform! Megaphone has the tools you need to successfully grow and monetize your podcast. And now, through our network, those resources are available to you- the independent podcaster.

Want Megaphone to sell advertising for your podcast? Learn all about the Megaphone Targeted Marketplace, which was re-branded as the Spotify Audience Network.

Megaphone: An Overview of the Platform

We’ve created this video that briefly walks you through the Megaphone platform- so you understand the overall layout of the platform. A breakdown of the individual sections of Megaphone is listed below. For more detailed information about each of these sections, please click the corresponding links.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the different sections on Megaphone, so you know how to access the tools you need.

Megaphone Dashboard

The Megaphone dashboard is the first page you see when you log into your account. It provides a quick overview of how all the podcasts on your account are performing.


The podcasts section is where you make changes to your podcasts and your episodes. This is where you’ll be spending most of your time. You’ll be able to import or create new podcasts, make changes to the information in your podcast RSS feed, add new episodes and create the ad markers within those episodes so you can dynamically insert ad campaigns and promos.


Through campaigns, you can create advertising campaigns and orders so your podcast can generate revenue.


This feature is unique to Megaphone, and we love it! Promos allow podcasters to use the same dynamic insertion technology used for advertising campaigns, but instead, use it for your own promotions. This is an excellent way to get a timely message out to your entire podcast audience, regardless of the episode they’re listening to.


Inventory lets you see all the dynamic insertion spaces you’ve created for your podcasts. At a glance, you can see what inventory is still available, what has been put on hold, and what spots have been sold.


With reports, you can see the metrics of how your podcasts are performing based on your audience, their location and the devices they’re using. If you have access to multiple podcasts in your Megaphone account, you can also compare podcasts to each other. This information is extremely helpful when creating your content and marketing plans.

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