Megaphone Promos: Scheduling Promos for Your Podcast

The key to really making dynamic ads work for you- is making the best use of all the inventory (ad space) you have available in each of your episodes. If you aren’t running podcast ads to make you money, then you should use that inventory for promotional purposes.

This video shows you how to schedule and run promos through the Megaphone platform.

So, what is a promo? A promo can be anything you choose to promote on your show. Here are some examples…


What do you want your podcasting audience to know about? Are you looking to increase sign-ups for your membership program? Create a quick promo telling your audience about the benefits! Are you looking for more engagement through your Facebook group? Tell your listeners how they can get involved? Are you traveling and speaking at an event next month in Dallas? Use Megaphone’s advanced system to specifically target your listeners in the Dallas area. Seriously, it’s that good!


One of the fastest ways to grow your podcast is to swap promos with another podcast. We recommend all the shows on our network create a 30-second promo of their show they can share when there’s a good opportunity to cross-promote with another show. Also, keep in mind, if you manage multiple podcasts, you can cross-promote within the shows you manage. Easy peasy.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs offer a great opportunity for you to start working with advertisers, regardless of your download numbers. Think about the products you always recommend to your friends- even without being paid. Reach out to those companies and see if they’d be willing to work with you as an affiliate, so you make money on items purchased by your audience. Run these opportunities as promos, instead of campaigns, because Megaphone prioritizes campaigns over promos if they’re scheduled for the same dynamic insert spot, and you’ll want to earn guaranteed money from a campaign whenever possible.

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