Megaphone Reports: Analyzing Your Podcast Stats

Even if you’re not a numbers person, it’s important to understand your podcast stats. Knowing how many people are listening, where they’re listening and with what device can help you make educated content and marketing decisions.

Check out this video that better explains how you utilize Megaphone’s statistics and reports to improve the success of your podcast.


Learn more about how many downloads or impressions your podcast receives. If you have access to multiple podcasts in your Megaphone account, you compare podcasts. You can also compare across episodes and also check out the impressions for any campaign orders you’ve created in your account.

Audience Geolocation

Discover where your audience is located. You can search across podcasts and episodes that break down your audience by country, state (region) and city. This information can be helpful when planning your episode topics and scheduling local events.

Audience Applications

This sections breaks down your audience based on the application they’re using to listen to your podcast. This includes the larger podcast directories (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora) as well as the various podcasting apps (Overcast, Castbox, Himalaya). Understanding this information is helpful for marketing purposes. so you can better target places where your audience is already hanging out.

All of these reports are available for download through Megaphone.

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