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We connect influential podcasters with advertisers. We simplify the process for you by managing ad campaigns across multiple shows that best fit your demographic. You’ll have one primary contact and payment source. Learn more about our Hybrid Affiliate Marketing program. We also sell more than just podcast ads…

what we sell

Podcast Ads

We sell pre-roll and mid-roll host-read podcast ads. Mid-rolls are typically 60 seconds and pre-rolls are shorter. Endorsements are possible if the podcast hosts are able to review the product or service in advance.

Guest Appearances

Your expert or guest makes a special appearance on a podcast episode to talk about a topic relevant to the audience. Only available on specific podcasts.

Blog Posts

Podcaster writes and publishes a blog post relevant to your industry on the podcast or host’s website. The post may includes quotes from your company and links to your website.


Podcaster creates and publishes a video for you. This may be an interview with an expert or guest from your company, a conversation about a relevant topic, or even a product review.

Social Media

Podcaster creates and publishes posts promoting your company and/or specific products or services to their popular social media channels.


Podcaster specifically promotes your company and/or product or service within their e-newsletter. This includes a link to your website or other relevant page.


Podcasters are creative people and they produce content in many ways.
This could include promotion in magazines, live events, satellite radio and more.

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