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Pea Green Boat

Reclaim Your Power

Cross a psychotherapist with a witch and what to you get? Lots of new, innovative ways and ideas on being authentic, reclaiming your power and realizing your full potential. Join me each week for a sail down the river of life in Pea Green Boat. I’m a best-selling author, psychotherapist and life-coach who loves helping people be authentic, reclaim their power and realize their full potential. Born of an old family of witch-folk, I’m a rebel and revolutionary thinker, passionate about helping people reclaim their power, be authentic, and find what makes their hearts sing.

Meet the host

I’m a best-selling author, psychotherapist and witch, who’s combined these skills for 30+yrs in new, innovative ways to help people get unstuck, reclaim their power, be you’re their true selves, and find what makes their hearts sing.

I live in the wilds of the Stretton Hills in Shropshire, in a secluded farmhouse, and hold the retreats and wellbeing work here. I share my home with my black witchy cat, Kellan, a host of wildlife, and my ex-particle physicist Husband. I’ve had Quantum with the cornflakes for near fifty years now (!) and he follows his own spiritual path from his family too. I love reading, am never without my Kindle, walk the hills whenever I can and share my time with nature.

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