3 Reasons You Should Start a Podcast For Your Business

Podcasts Help Businesses Grow

You’re thinking about starting a podcast. The idea is swirling around in your brain. But as a business professional, you’re a busy person. Like you need one more thing to add to your plate, right? So, why should you seriously consider starting a podcast for your business? How will your business benefit- because make no mistake THAT is your bottom line.

In this podcast episode, learn how to…

  • Increase your credibility with potential clients
  • Expand your brand’s reach and influence
  • Connect more deeply with people
  • Collaborate with other influencers

ready to start podcasting for your business?

There are tons of benefits to starting a podcast for your business. Here are some of my top tips!

Sunny Gault | Podcast Coach and Mentor | Independent Podcast Network

Episode Transcript

If you’re thinking about starting a podcast, the idea is swirling around in your brain. But as a business professional, you’re a busy person. Like you need one more thing to add your plate, right? So why should you seriously consider starting a podcast for your business? How will your business benefit? Because make no mistake, that is your bottom line? Take it away radio man.

I think everybody needs a Mr. radio man in the morning just to kind of announce your arrival. That was fantastic. All right, guys. Welcome to the very first episode of podcast your business. I’m Sunny Gault. I am a podcast coach and mentor. I’ve been podcasting for about 16 years now. But hey, who’s counting? I am also the founder and CEO of Independent Podcast Network. And guess what? I am the host of the show. In case the title of the show didn’t give it away. This podcast is all about learning to podcast for your business. I’m just going to dive right into it guys, because some of you guys may be wondering why on earth do I need a podcast for my business. So today, I’m going to give you three reasons why you should start a podcast for your business. Now, I want you to stick around until the very end of the podcast because I’m going to tell you how you can download a free PDF that is going to give you more reasons on why you should start a podcast but we’re gonna at least dive into the first three today. And then you guys I had to save a little for later, right? That’s just good business. And I’ll explain why after this quick break.

You should not start a podcast, unless it is going to help your business unless you want to do just like a fun podcast, but like your favorite TV show or whatever, that’s totally fine. But don’t start a podcast simply because someone said, Oh, you have an amazing podcast voice, you should totally do a podcast, you know what, that person is probably not gonna help you with your show. And once you’re a few episodes in, you’re gonna be going oh, my gosh, this is a lot more work than I thought it was going to be. So you really have to think in advance about why you’re starting your podcast. And the bottom line really needs to be it’s going to help your business, we’re going to talk about three ways podcasts can grow your business.

Number one, it’s going to increase your credibility. Hopefully you already listened to podcast, anybody that’s on a professional sounding podcast, gets a little bit of a leg up. If they sound like they know what they’re talking about. That’s a good thing. That is part of their media credentials. Like it or not, being on a podcast, and especially having your own podcast gives you instant credibility with your audience. It’s true. And then you build upon it by creating compelling content that educates and entertains. Now, if you run your own business, you must be passionate about what you’re doing, right. That’s another reason I think that business owners, educators, coaches, all of those people should have a podcast, because that’s going to come through in your podcast, you’re already super passionate about the content. So what are some things that we can do within your podcast to help increase your credibility? First, for your artwork, include your photo, get a really good professional looking photo, put it on your artwork, people need to visualize who you are, who’s in their head right now who’s talking to them, right? They need a visual representation of that. So include your photo on your artwork, choose timely, relevant topics, you know your industry better than anybody else. What are people talking about? Are you on the cusp of that conversation? Are you talking about the things that everyone’s talking about at the watercooler on social media, all that good stuff? Are you talking to influencers and people like that, that really have their pulse on the situation? You have the opportunity to do that? Give free downloads and handouts. Oh, that’s funny. What did I say at the top of the show? I said, Hey, stick around. I’ve got a free handout, a free download for you start to incorporate these things to build up your email list. Because here’s the thing about podcasts. If people are subscribing to you through their favorite podcast listening device, you don’t know who those people are. So you have to figure Are out a way to get to know those people. So you can tell them more about the other ways they can connect with you, your products, your services. And to do that, you need an email list. So start by giving out free downloads and handouts in exchange for their email address, give them something for free, in as many episodes as you possibly can. Next, release content consistently. This is what you would be doing for your business anyway, right? We get in the habit of doing certain things for business weekend and week out. Doing a podcast episode is part of that whole practice. And it shows that you are committed to something that you’re gonna get something out on time, it’s going to be a quality product, trust me clients and customers are looking for this, so give it to them. So that’s number one, increase credibility.

Number two, expand your reach. We all know that people learn in different ways, right? Well, when you create a podcast, you are introducing yourself to a whole new audience who probably have never seen or heard of you before, to make the most of it, repurpose your podcast content. If you can. Don’t just record audio, record, video, and audio, put the video on YouTube, take your audio, make it an audio podcast, take out portions of your show create audio grams from that have the whole thing transcribed. So you can create a blog post from that find your favorite sound bites and create memes to put on social media. That’s how you repurpose your content. And you get on as many platforms as possible. Also, be sure to make guest appearances on other podcasts. If you appear on other podcasts as an expert, people are going to look to you with more authority. And then of course, when you’re on those shows, promote your own podcast, promote your podcast as well on your website and social media, you need a designated link in your main navigation that says podcasts where people can go to they know you have a podcast, they can sign up, they can subscribe, put all of that on your website. And then also to expand your reach start going to podcasting events, there was a few that are held every year sign up and get to know the podcast community.

And the third way podcasts can help grow your business is it allows you to connect more deeply. Listeners connect with podcasts on a deeper, more personal level. And the reason that is think about it, if you listen to podcasts, usually have these little earbuds right there plugged into your ears. It’s a very personal experience. As a podcaster, you are literally inside somebody’s head, talking directly to them. It’s not like mass media. It’s not like watching something on TV. It’s not really a group experience. It really is about the individual. And here’s the good news, you have a captive audience. So here’s what you need to keep in mind in order to connect deeply with your listeners. Always be honest and truthful. You would do this in business anyways, at least I hope you would. You’re not going to pull the wool over their eyes, you’re going to tell them the truth, even when they don’t really want to hear it. Right. You are the expert, and that’s why they’re paying you. So why should things change with your podcast? Always be honest, always be truthful. Share your personal stories, you’ve made mistakes, the worst thing you can do with your podcast is come off all high and mighty, that you know everything. Nobody likes to know at all. Okay, so leave that leave that at the door. Be humble, and what you’re talking about. And if you learn something new say hey, that’s really great. I just learned something new. I’ve been podcasting for 16 years, 17 years, and I just learned something new today. I’m going to apply that moving forward. Learn with them. audiences love that. Get your audience involved. So if there’s ways that they can contribute to different segments that you do, if they leave comments, are you interested in reading those comments? And those ratings and reviews on your show? Are there other ways that they can contribute? Can they suggest episode topics? Can you do a q&a where they submit their questions and you answer them on your show? Get them involved?

As promised, there are two more tips that I’m going to give you on how Podcasts can grow your business. We’re not going to do that on today’s podcast but if you want to see those tips, head on over to our website it’s https://independentpodcast.network. I’ll post the exact link in the episode description. This guide is exactly what you need to determine if you should podcast your business. We also encourage you just to hang out on the website learn a little bit more about our podcast network. We’re all about helping you grow, monetize, and connect with other podcasters. Until next week, remember what radio man? Podcasts are awesome! See you next time.

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