Megaphone Campaigns: Creating Orders for Podcast Advertisers

Are you ready to make some money with your podcast? Megaphone has the most robust platform for planning, scheduling and delivering ads that are dynamically inserted. Our network believes dynamic ads overall provide a better experience for your listeners, and it gives advertisers more control over their investment. So let’s get started.

With your Megaphone account, you can run as many campaigns and promos as you want, and still, pay the same price. We encourage you to take some time to learn this powerful tool so you modify to best accommodate the needs of your podcast.

Watch the video below to learn the basics of how to create a campaign from scratch.

First, let’s go over some basic definitions.


Think of a campaign as an overall project. If you’re working with an outside advertiser, the name of your campaign will probably be the name of your advertiser. But, if you’re running campaigns to promote your own products and services, perhaps your campaign is the name of the new online course you’re releasing. Megaphone gives you the flexibility to create your own campaign names based on your individual needs.


An order is the actual placement of an ad into a podcast episode. For example, let’s say Pampers is an advertiser. You could call the entire campaign Pampers. Then, the orders within that campaign could be the names of your podcasts where the ad is going to run. If you’re launching a new online course for your business, the name of the campaign could be Online Course Debut. And let’s say you only want to target specific episodes having to do with money. You could call the order Money Episodes¬†and you could choose for the ad to run only on episodes where money is discussed.

Completing the information fields

Megaphone has done a great job of providing you with several fields so you can keep all your campaign information together. Many of this information isn’t necessarily needed for Megaphone to run the campaign for you- it’s simply a service that allows you to keep all your information in place. We recommend you complete as many of these fields as possible. This will only help you as your podcast grows and you invite more people to join your team.


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