Megaphone Podcasts: Episodes and Dynamic Ad Markers

Ok, you’re ready to set-up your podcast, release episodes and mark your episodes for dynamic insertion. All of this takes place through the podcast tab on the far left of your screen when you log into your Megaphone account.

You will spend most of your time in the podcasts tab, so please take a moment to learn more about it!

Adding Podcasts to Your Megaphone Account

You do have the ability to import another podcast to your Megaphone account or create a new podcast. If you do this, please let someone from our network know since this will impact our accounting records for you.

Editing Your Podcast Details

From the main podcast page, select the podcast where you want to make changes. This will take you to that podcast’s main page where you can edit information about your podcast, add new episodes and place ad markers within your episodes. The top part of your podcast page is focused on making changes to the entire podcast. Click edit podcast to make changes to your RSS feed. Click the gear icon in the top right corner to adjust some general Megaphone settings for your podcast.

Creating New Episodes

Just below your podcast artwork, you will see two tabs: episodes and drafts. While you could create new episodes from the episodes tab, we encourage you to plan ahead and create drafts of all your episodes first. When you create drafts, you tell Megaphone what inventory is available for dynamic insertion. We’ll discuss this more when we explore the inventory tab. For now, our recommendation is to create drafts for all the episodes you plan to release during the next year. You can always adjust this later. Watch the video above for instructions.

Adding Dynamic Ad Locators to Episodes

In order to use Megaphone’s dynamic insertion technology, you’ll need to add ad location marks to each episode you upload to Megaphone. Adding these markers tells Megaphone all the possible spots in that episode where campaigns and promos could run if a campaign or promo was scheduled. You can add pre-rolls (before your show), mid-rolls (in the middle of your show) and post-rolls (after your show) to each episode.

We recommend you mark each episode with one pre-roll and one post-roll spot. The number of mid-roll spots you create is usually dependent on the length of your episode. We suggest adding one mid-roll spot per 15 minutes of content. So, if your podcast is 30 minutes, you’d have two mid-roll spots in each episode. IMPORTANT: You must have the same amount of mid-roll spots in each episode. This is important for successfully completing orders with advertisers.

Watch the video below for a step-by-step video on how to create a new episode and add dynamic ad markers to it.

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