Should I Start a Podcast in 2023? How to know if Podcasting is Right for You

With one-third of Americans listening to podcasts on a regular basis, podcasts have become more than just a form of entertainment. Many see listening to podcasts as a passion. As a passion, podcast listeners of all kinds seek to turn that passion into a career by starting their podcasts. But, how can you tell if starting a podcast is right for you and how can you find success starting a new podcast in 2023?

How to Tell if Starting a Podcast in 2023 is Right for You

Every year, podcast enthusiasts start a new podcast as their new year’s resolution. To help you decide if it’s time for you to start your podcast, here are 4 ways to tell if podcasting in 2023 is right for you.

  1. You Want to Share Your Unique Perspective on a Topic

Every successful podcast offers a unique perspective on a topic. The topic itself does not need to be unique, but the perspective you discuss on that topic needs a unique twist. When you share a new perspective, people take notice. This helps you develop word-of-mouth around your podcast so you can start building your podcast community.

With about 2.4 million podcasts already out there, finding a unique perspective can become quite a challenge. So, instead of working backward from a topic to find a unique perspective, create a list of unique skills, knowledge, or talents you already have. Then, you can use that list of what makes you unique to find a topic in which you already have a unique perspective.

  1. You Prefer Telling Stories Over Writing Stories

There are plenty of ways to tell your story. Whether it’s posting pictures on social media, creating a blog, writing a book, or starting a podcast, you need to decide which medium works best for you. As an audio format, podcasters need to excel at telling stories and captivating an audience with their voice. However, you can always practice your storytelling skills to become a better podcast host.

Even though podcasts themselves only use audio, you can still leverage other mediums to help promote your podcast. You can record video podcasts to add a visual element, create graphics you can leverage on social media, or write a blog alongside your new podcast. Going beyond strictly audio content lets you leverage additional channels to better grow your audience.

  1. You Enjoy Sticking to a Schedule

Podcasts permeate farther into a listener’s life than other forms of entertainment such as television shows. Instead of as a way to relax at the end of the day, podcast listeners use their favorite podcasts as a way to get through the workday, or to make their morning commute easier. It goes beyond simple enjoyment.

So, successful podcasts always maintain some form of schedule. Listeners want to be able to rely on episode releases to help them get through tough days. By being loyal to your listeners and giving them a podcast they can count on, you let your listeners become loyal fans.

  1. You Understand Who Would Enjoy Your Podcast

To effectively market your podcast and target the content you create to your audience, you need to understand your potential listeners. Narrowing in on your target audience can also help you create a unique niche. When figuring out who would enjoy your podcast, start by creating an audience avatar.

An audience avatar portrays your ideal listener. It includes the listener’s age, gender, education level, occupation, relationship status, and much more. By creating this guide early, you can ensure every effort you put into your podcast goes towards creating your ideal audience.

Tips to Get Your Podcast Off the Ground in 2023

Creating a successful podcast requires talent, a bit of luck, and a whole lot of hard work. Focusing on the right tasks and prioritizing the work you put into your podcast can maximize your chances of finding success. So, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your first podcast in 2023.

Create an Audience Avatar

Before investing efforts into growing your podcast and creating content, start with fully understanding your target audience by creating an audience avatar. You want to start with creating your audience avatar as it will inform the direction of your podcast content and branding. To help you create an effective audience avatar for your podcast, the Independent Podcast Network made a simple form that creates an audience avatar for you.

Take an Online Podcast Course

An online podcast course can help give you the structure you need to get your podcast off the ground and moving in the right direction. The best podcast courses take you all the way from understanding your audience to publishing your first episode.

Once you complete the course, you can still pull value from your investment into the course as they often also provide a community of other beginner podcasters. Within this community, you can find podcasts in related fields that can have you on as a guest and you can have them on as a guest. You can also ask any questions you have and feel involved in the podcasting community.

Utilize Social Media

As a podcaster, building a connection with your audience leads to growth. Social media allows you to showcase your personality and build genuine connections with your listeners. From posting pictures of your day-to-day life to hosting live AMAs, social media offers the tools any podcaster needs to foster loyal fans. Once you build a social media presence, you can start taking social media marketing seriously as a way to grow your podcast.

Become a Guest on Related Podcasts

Networking with podcasters at your level and in a similar niche allows you to become a guest on other shows. Being a guest on other podcasts gives you a direct line to new listeners that you can convert into loyal fans. Afterward, you can invite the host onto your podcast as well giving both podcasts additional exposure to the other’s current fanbase.

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