Why You Should Run Dynamic Ads On Your Podcast

So, you want to make money with your podcast. Well, you’ve got two options for inserting these ads and promos into your podcast.

  • Baked-In/Embedded Ads: These ads are either recorded live into your show or recorded in advance and physically edited into your podcast.
  • Dynamic Ads: These ads are produced in advance and digitally inserted into your podcast using technology. They can be removed at any time.

Our network recommends incorporating dynamic ads into your podcast. It takes a little bit of time to set everything up, but once you’ve got a workflow you’ll have the tools you need to scale your podcast and greatly increase your revenue.

In this video, we discussed the benefits of dynamic ads from both a podcaster’s and an advertiser’s perspective. Here’s a quick breakdown. You can also download our free handout.

what type of ads are best for your podcast?

Discover the difference between the two different types of ads you can insert in your podcast episodes.

Sunny Gault | Podcast Coach and Mentor | Independent Podcast Network

How Dynamic Ads Help Podcasters

  • Improves reach because ads can be inserted in all episodes.
  • Make more money because you’ve increased ad inventory.
  • Change ads as often as you want. No more expired promo codes!
  • Digitally rotate ads so listeners don’t get bored with spots.
  • The same technology can be used to swap out podcast promos and segments.

How Dynamic Ads Help Advertisers

  • Ability to listen and approve ads before they go live.
  • Target ads to specific demographics, geo-location, and devices.
  • Swap out ads anytime to promote specific sales, launches, and debuts.
  • Fewer ad conflicts because ads are removed when the run is complete.
  • More accurate stats because ads must actually run to be counted.

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