Bonus Content You Can Offer to Subscribers

Bonus content is any material you create specifically for your podcast’s paid subscribers. This can range from behind-the-scenes glimpses and early access to episodes, to personalized shoutouts and live virtual events. By providing this extra value, you incentivize listeners to become subscribers and give them a reason to continue supporting your show month after month. But what exactly should you offer as bonus content?

Early Access

As a podcaster, you know the excitement and anticipation that comes with releasing new content. Your subscribers are your most eager listeners, and offering them early access to episodes is a fantastic way to reward their loyalty and keep them engaged with your show.

Early Releases of Regular Episodes

One simple but effective way to provide value to your subscribers is by giving them early access to your regular episodes. This could mean releasing episodes to subscribers a day or even a week before they’re available to the general public. Your subscribers will appreciate the opportunity to hear your content first and will feel valued knowing they have exclusive access.

Exclusive Sneak Peeks of Upcoming Content or Seasons

Another way to leverage early access is by offering your subscribers sneak peeks of upcoming content or seasons. You could share snippets of future episodes, behind-the-scenes footage of your recording process, or even exclusive trailers that tease what’s to come. Sneak peeks are a great way to generate buzz and excitement around your upcoming content. And they’re pretty easy to make. You can do them the same way you make Instagram Reels for your podcast.

Behind-the-Scenes Content

Let’s dive into one of the most engaging types of bonus content you can offer your subscribers: a behind-the-scenes look at your show. This exclusive content is a fantastic way to strengthen the connection with your most dedicated listeners and give them a unique glimpse into the world of your podcast. Here are few different types of behind-the-scenes content that’s always a hit:

  • Extended Interviews: After recording a regular interview, consider sharing additional segments that dive deeper into your guest’s expertise, personal anecdotes, or even just casual banter. Your subscribers will appreciate the extra insights and the opportunity to get to know your guests on a more intimate level.
  • “Making of” Episodes: Give them a peek behind the curtain by discussing how you choose topics, prepare for interviews, or edit your episodes. Don’t be afraid to include outtakes and humorous moments from your recording sessions—this showcases the more human side of your podcast and helps your subscribers feel more connected to you.
  • Personal Insights: Consider sharing personal insights, stories, or experiences related to your podcast’s topic or your journey as a podcaster. This could be in the form of a solo episode, a Q&A session, or even a heartfelt video message.

Community Engagement

Building a strong, engaged community around your podcast is essential for retaining subscribers and attracting new ones. Your subscribers are your most dedicated fans. So, offer them exclusive opportunities to connect with you and each other can be a powerful way to foster loyalty and create a sense of belonging.

Private Forums

One way to encourage community engagement is by creating private forums or discussion groups exclusively for your subscribers. These spaces can be hosted on platforms like Facebook, Discord, or even your own website. As the host, make sure to be an active participant in these subscriber-only spaces. Engage with your listeners by responding to their comments, asking questions, and sparking meaningful conversations.

Collaborative Content

To take community engagement a step further, consider involving your subscribers in the content creation process. This could mean inviting them to submit their own stories, experiences, or insights related to your podcast’s theme, which you can then feature in a special episode or series.

Personalized Content

One way to stand out and show your subscribers that you value their support is by offering personalized content tailored specifically to them.

Shout Outs

Encourage your subscribers to submit their names, stories, or questions, and then incorporate them into your content. This could be as simple as reading out a subscriber’s name and thanking them for their support, or as in-depth as dedicating a segment of your episode to discussing a topic they suggested. Just make sure you set clear guidelines for submissions and communicate them to your subscribers.

Custom Content

Alternatively, you can tailor your episodes or bonus materials based on subscriber feedback or requests. Regularly engage with your listeners and ask for their input on topics they’d like to hear more about, guests they’d like you to interview, or formats they’d enjoy.

Once you have a sense of what your subscribers are looking for, create custom content that addresses their interests and preferences. This could mean producing a special episode focused on a topic that your subscribers have been asking for, creating a bonus interview with a guest they’ve requested, or even developing a new segment or format based on their suggestions.

Virtual Live Events

You can create a sense of community, provide additional value, and generate excitement around your show with exclusive live events for your subscribers.

Workshops or Panel Discussions

When planning a virtual workshop or panel discussion, consider topics that align with your podcast’s content and will be of interest to your subscribers. Reach out to industry experts or colleagues who can provide unique perspectives and contribute to the discussion. Promote the event to your subscribers well in advance, and consider offering a discount or special incentive for those who sign up early. These events provide an opportunity for your listeners to learn from you and other experts in your field, ask questions, and gain valuable insights.

Meet-and-Greet Sessions

Another way to leverage virtual live events is by offering meet-and-greet sessions with guests or industry experts. But, make sure to work with anyone in the meet and greet to determine the format of the event, such as a Q&A session, a casual conversation, or a more structured discussion. During the live session, moderate the conversation and encourage your subscribers to ask questions and engage with the guest. You can also consider offering a recording of the event as a bonus for those who couldn’t attend live.


The key to success with bonus content is to create materials that align with your podcast’s unique voice and theme, and that provide genuine value to your listeners. So, as you implement these bonus content ideas, remember to communicate clearly with your subscribers about what they can expect and when. Then, get their feedback and make any adjustments you need.

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