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Know Your Podcast Listeners

Your podcast listeners are the most important part of your show. Because if you don’t have an audience, then you really don’t have a podcast. So, it’s really important we can identify them from the very beginning and create content specifically for them.

Video Training

Do Market Research for Your Podcast

More podcasters would be successful if they stopped treating their show like a hobby, and instead treated it more like a business. This is a smart approach even if you don’t plan to make money with your podcast. The first thing I tell new podcasters is to do a little market research.

What is a Podcast Network and Why Should You Join One?

There is no doubt that podcasts are all the rage right now, and some podcasters may wonder whether they should join a podcast network. To make the decision, you first must understand fully the definition of a podcast network and how it could benefit your own podcast efforts. So what is a podcast network and why should you join one?

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