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Megaphone Targeted Marketplace: How Do MTM Ads Work?

One common way to make money with your podcast is by running ads on your show that promote other people’s products and services. If your podcast is hosted with Megaphone, our network’s preferred podcast host provider, you have the option of having Megaphone’s team sell ads for you. This is called the Megaphone Targeted Marketplace, or MTM.

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Megaphone Reports: Analyzing Your Podcast Stats

Even if you’re not a numbers person, it’s important to understand your podcast stats. Knowing how many people are listening, where they’re listening and with what device can help you make educated content and marketing decisions. Learn how you can utilize Megaphone’s statistics and reports to improve the success of your podcast.

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Megaphone Inventory: Viewing Podcast Campaign Spots

Let’s say 10 businesses call you today because they want to advertise on your podcast. All of them are interested in running ads for multiple months during different times of the year. How would you figure that out? It’s time to start really understand what inventory you have on your podcast.

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Megaphone Promos: Scheduling Promos for Your Podcast

The key to really making dynamic ads work for you- is making the best use of all the inventory (ad space) you have available in each of your episodes. If you aren’t running podcast ads to make you money, then you should use that inventory for promotional purposes. Here’s how to schedule and run promos through the Megaphone platform.

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Megaphone Campaigns: Creating Orders for Podcast Advertisers

Are you ready to make some money with your podcast? Megaphone has the most robust platform for planning, scheduling and delivering ads that are dynamically inserted. Our network believes dynamic ads overall provide a better experience for your listeners, and it gives advertisers more control over their investment. So let’s get started.

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Megaphone Podcasts: Episodes and Dynamic Ad Markers

Ok, you’re ready to set-up your podcast, release episodes and mark your episodes for dynamic insertion. All of this takes place through the podcast tab on the far left of your screen when you log into your Megaphone account. You will spend most of your time in the podcasts tab, so please take a moment to learn more about it!

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Megaphone: Getting Started with Your Podcast

Our network is proud to partner with Megaphone, our preferred podcast hosting platform! Megaphone has the tools you need to successfully grow and monetize your podcast, and now through our network, those resources are now available to you- the independent podcaster.

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