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How to Get Advertisers For Your Podcast

If you’re a podcaster, sooner or later you’ll want to start making some money with your show. Working with advertisers is one way to offset the costs of producing your show, and can even lead to higher quality content. But how do you go about finding advertisers? And what should you look for in an advertiser?

Best Ways To Make Money Podcasting

Making money with your podcast is a great way to generate some extra income or even make a living! Today, we’ll be talking about all of the different ways you can monetize your podcast. By using this guide, you’ll be able to maximize the earning potential of your podcast.


Why You Should Run Dynamic Ads On Your Podcast

So, you want to make money with your podcast. Well, you’ve got to options for inserting these ads and promos into your podcast. Our network recommends incorporating dynamic ads into your podcast. It takes a little bit of time to set everything up, but once you’ve got a workflow you’ll have the tools you needs to scale your podcast and greatly increase your revenue.

Using Chartable to Track Your Podcast | IPN | Independent Podcast Network


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Using Chartable to Track Your Podcast

Being a podcaster typically means wearing a bunch of different hats, at least for most independent podcasters. You don’t want to spin your wheels, so you need to know what efforts are actually working. Chartable is a helpful tool that allows podcasters to better track and compare their overall analytics, and determine the effectiveness of their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Megaphone Targeted Marketplace: How Do MTM Ads Work? | IPN | Independent Podcast Network



Megaphone Targeted Marketplace: How Do MTM Ads Work?

One common way to make money with your podcast is by running ads on your show that promote other people’s products and services. If your podcast is hosted with Megaphone, our network’s preferred podcast host provider, you have the option of having Megaphone’s team sell ads for you. This is called the Megaphone Targeted Marketplace, or MTM.

Is Starting A Podcast Best For Your Business?

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