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Should You Pay to Advertise Your Podcast?

Investing in paid advertising can be a powerful way to expand your reach, attract new listeners, and take your podcast to new heights. However, it’s not a decision to be made lightly. With various advertising options available and limited budgets to work with, it’s essential to approach paid advertising strategically. Signs That Paying for Podcast […]

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Bonus Content You Can Offer to Subscribers

Bonus content is any material you create specifically for your podcast’s paid subscribers. This can range from behind-the-scenes glimpses and early access to episodes, to personalized shoutouts and live virtual events. By providing this extra value, you incentivize listeners to become subscribers and give them a reason to continue supporting your show month after month. […]

Is an Affiliate Program Right for Your Podcast?

You’ve probably already heard about affiliate programs. From bloggers and YouTubers to podcasters and social media stars, affiliate programs give content creators of all kinds a potential revenue stream. But, how do you decide if joining a program is the right move for your show? Well, it all starts with understanding what an affiliate program […]


How to Create Merch for Your Podcast

Creating merch for your podcast can feel overwhelming at first. There’s a lot to consider—from understanding your audience and designing items they’ll love, to finding a manufacturer and creating an online store. But don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through each step of the process. Step #1: Understand Your Audience Before you dive headfirst […]

How Much Should I Charge Sponsors of My Podcast?

Once your podcast is ready to start taking on sponsors, you need a good baseline on how much you can charge sponsors. Otherwise, you can ruin potential deals by charging too much or limit your potential by charging too little. So, this article aims to help you determine how much you can charge sponsors of […]

Working with Podcast Advertisers

What are your options when working with advertisers? Should you try to pitch advertisers directly? Perhaps try affiliate ads? What about going through an ad agency that can help sell ads for your podcast? How do you know which option is best for you? And how do you reach out to these advertisers? I’ll also explain exactly what to expect when it comes to creating and inserting ads into your episodes.

Promoting Your Products and Services

Most profitable podcasts are making money by selling their own products and services. It makes sense because the whole episode is your way of telling people why they should listen and invest in what you have to offer. So, what are some things to keep in mind when you’re creating ads for yourself? What works for listeners and what typically falls flat?

Baked-in Ads Versus Dynamic Ads

Interested in selling products and services on your podcast? This could be your own products and services or someone else’s. Well, to do that, you’ll need to determine if these ads will be “baked in” to your podcast, which means they are physically edited into your show. Or if you want to use “dynamic insertion” which uses technology to insert the ads into your show.

Is Joining an Advertising Network the Right Move for Your Podcast?

Turning your passion project into a revenue-generating podcast is one of the most difficult steps in podcasting. Advertising networks can help open this door and put your podcast on a path of success. These networks connect podcasters with a wide variety of advertisers, allowing you to monetize your show. But, what is an advertising network […]

Creating a Podcast Media Kit

You won’t always get an opportunity to pitch people in person, so creating a media kit or one sheet is a great way to tell others about your podcast In this video, I’ll share some of the basic information that should be included in these documents.

7 Tips for Writing a Podcast Sponsorship Proposal

Each year podcasts continue to grow in popularity with no signs of this trend stopping. Alongside this meteoric growth, podcasters have more opportunities to turn their passion into a profitable venture through sponsorships. Actively seeking out these sponsorships puts you in control of the profitability of your podcast. But, this requires writing podcast sponsorship proposals […]

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