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My Hobby Podcast is Growing. Now What?

Picture this: you started your podcast as a fun hobby, a creative outlet to share your passion with the world. You poured your heart into each episode, spending countless hours researching, recording, and editing. At first, you were thrilled if even a handful of listeners tuned in. But then, something incredible happened. Your download numbers […]

How to Recharge Your Social Battery After Recording an Interview

Let’s talk about something that’s super important but often overlooked: your social battery. You know that feeling when you’ve just wrapped up an amazing interview, but instead of feeling pumped, you’re completely drained? Don’t worry; it’s a totally normal experience for podcasters and we’re here to show you a few ways you can recharge. What […]


Why You Should Start Your Podcast as a Hobby

Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about starting your own podcast? Maybe you’ve got a passion for storytelling, a unique perspective to share, or a burning desire to connect with like-minded individuals. Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s never been a better time to turn that dream into a reality. And the best […]

Turning Phone Calls Into Podcasts: 4 Best Apps

Gone are the days when you needed fancy recording studios or expensive gear to create awesome podcast episodes. Nowadays, all you need is your trusty phone and a kick-ass app to turn those phone calls into podcasting gold! Whether you’re chatting with guests from across the globe, recording some juicy conversations, or just want to […]


Do I Need a High-End Computer to Edit My Podcast?

So, you’ve got the voice, the ideas, and maybe even a snazzy podcast name picked out – but what about the tech? If the thought of forking out for a supercharged, LED-lit, beast of a computer has you sweating bullets, fear not! The road to podcasting glory doesn’t necessarily begin with an empty wallet and […]

What Type of Camera Do You Need to Record Your Video Podcast?

Video podcasting has exploded in popularity in recent years. A recent survey by Morning Consult found that 46% of podcast listeners now prefer video podcasts over audio-only shows. In addition, YouTube has surpassed Spotify as the preferred platform for streaming podcast content. With more and more listeners demanding video, podcasters need to adapt. But what […]

Can AI Help You Edit Your Podcast Audio? 4 New AI Podcast Editors

One of the most exciting advancements in technology for podcasting is the integration of artificial intelligence into podcasting tools. With these tools, podcasters just starting can easily create high-quality results whether it’s creating a script or editing your podcast audio. So, this article gives you a breakdown of audio editing tools that use AI and […]

How to Acoustically Treat Your Podcast Studio for Better Sound Quality

Acoustics play a pivotal role in any space where sound is produced, including your podcast studio. Prioritizing your studio’s acoustics isn’t about chasing an elusive ‘radio voice’ or creating a fancy recording space. It’s about clarity and consistency – ensuring your voice is captured and delivered in its purest form, without competing with echoes, background […]

7 Tips to Make an Engaging Hook for Your Podcast

With over 4 million podcasts globally, it can seem like an insurmountable task to make yours stand out. One way you can catch the attention of listeners looking for a new podcast is with an engaging hook. So, what is a hook for your podcast, why is it so important, and how can you create […]

Podcast Editing 101: How to Remove Background Noise

Whether it’s the hum of a computer fan or the roar of traffic outside your window, background noise can ruin an otherwise great podcast recording. But, with the right recording techniques and editing tools, even noisy environments can produce crisp, clean audio. Common Sources of Background Noise Background noise can come from almost anywhere. That’s […]

How to Structure an Engaging Podcast Episode with a Clear Story

A compelling podcast tells a great story. It takes listeners on a journey, revealing new insights and perspectives along the way. But, crafting a structure that tells your story in a way that keeps your audience engaged from start to finish is not an easy task. So, this article teaches you the techniques for shaping a captivating story arc that leaves your listeners at the edge of their seats.

4 Ways AI Tools Can Improve the Productivity of Your Podcast

Podcasting has exploded into one of the most popular on-demand media formats. But producing a high-quality show requires significant time across tasks like recording, editing, transcription, and promotion. Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) tools have emerged to optimize major podcasting workflows. Leveraging these technologies can massively improve your productivity. So, this article covers 4 ways AI […]

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