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How to Title Your Podcast Episodes

When podcast listeners search for specific content, they usually use the podcast app’s search feature to find it. And the results that pop up, come from three different spots in your podcast RSS feed, including your episode title. Which makes your podcast title pretty important. And there are some other things you should consider as well to grab people’s attention and help them press the play button. Today we’ll reveal all the tips and tricks for creating effective episode titles for your podcast!

What Does IAB Certified Mean for Podcasters?

If you’ve worked in digital advertising, you’ve probably heard of the IAB, which stands for Interactive Advertising Bureau. They create standards on how digital ads should be tracked. They oversee all online advertising, including display ads on websites, ads that pop up while you’re watching YouTube, and podcast ads. They also have a certification program where companies are audited to see if they meet the standards the IAB has set. So, how important is this for podcasters? Should you do business only with IAB-certified companies?

How Much Money Do Podcasters Make?

Every now and then, you’ll see a headline about some celebrity who’s making millions of dollars with their podcast. Which sounds incredible. I mean, who wouldn’t want to make lots of money recording in your garage while still in your pajamas? Does podcasting really turn rags into riches? And if not riches, can you at least earn an income that allows you to quit your day job?

Creating a Show Format For Your Podcast

Every podcast has a show format. Your format is what guides your audience through the content. And if you didn’t have a show format, your podcast would be pretty confusing. So, what are your options and how do you know which type of show format to pick? Today you’ll learn how to create a show format for your podcast!

How To Distribute Your Podcast Episodes

You’ve created some episodes for your new podcast, and now it’s time to share them with the world. Since podcasts are free, you want to be in as many places as possible. Allow your audience to find you on their favorite podcast apps. So, how do you do that? There are a lot of places where you can listen to podcasts. Today we’re exploring how to quickly and easily make your podcast available on the top podcasting apps and directories.

What To Include In Your Podcast Media Kit?

If you’re serious about getting the word out about your podcast- then you need to create a media kit. If you do it right, your media kit can make a great first impression of your podcast. It can help you get amazing guests on your show and can even do some of the selling for you if you’re looking for advertisers. But you need to include the right information, and you don’t want to overdo it. So, let’s talk about what to include in your podcast media kit. 

5 Tips for Finding the Best Podcast Guests

Finding guests for your podcast may seem a bit overwhelming at first- especially if you’re just getting started with a new podcast. But, as you’ll discover in today’s episode, finding great guests isn’t just about having large download numbers. It’s really more about knowing where to look, how to impress them, and how to create a great podcasting experience so they share it with others. Today we’ll discuss some of my top tips for finding the best podcast guests.

What Are Mid-Roll Ad Spots and RSS Ad Drops?

Establishing a format for your podcast is essential if you’re planning to work with advertisers, or you want to promote your own products and services. Where you put these ads is just as important as what you say in these ads. And the most popular places to insert ads and promos are either in the mid-roll spot or as an RSS ad drop. Today you’ll learn more about how you can effectively use these locations to help spread your message to the world. 

The Benefits of Creating Podcast Transcripts

As a podcaster, you want as many people as possible to have access to your show and the content you’re talking about. And one strategy for doing this is creating transcripts for your episodes. Yes, it takes a little bit of time and money, but it’s totally worth it. And today we’re going to talk about all the benefits.

What To Do If Your Podcast Isn’t Growing?

You work hard on your podcast. So, it can be frustrating if your download numbers start to plateau. The same strategies that worked originally may not work for the next phase of your podcast. It’s time to pivot. Today we’re talking about what you can do if your podcast isn’t growing.

How to Price Your Podcast Advertising Options

Most podcasters want advertisers for their shows. But are you really prepared if an advertiser were to approach you? What type of advertising options can you offer? And perhaps more importantly, how do you price these options so it works for both you and the advertiser? If you feel a little confused about how advertising works on podcasts, then this is the episode for you.

How to Record Podcasts with Your Smartphone

You don’t need a bunch of fancy podcasting equipment to have a quality podcast. In fact, technology has improved so much that you can now record your entire podcast through your smartphone. But should you? What are some of the pros and cons? And what are some things to help you get the best audio possible? Today we’re talking about how to record podcasts with your smartphone! 

How To Be An Amazing Podcast Guest

You have a podcast that promotes your business- fantastic! Now, it’s time to spread your message even further by being a guest on other people’s podcasts. And having experience creating your own show gives you a huge advantage because you know the drill. You already have a good idea of what the podcaster wants because you’ve been in their shoes. And you’ve got the resume tape to prove it. Today we’re talking about what you should do to become an amazing podcast guest.

Different Ways to Make Money with Your Podcast

You spend a lot of time on your podcast, wouldn’t it be nice to make some money doing it? So, what are your options? Believe it or not, there are several ways to make money podcasting, you can even do multiple things. What you choose is really dependent on your personal podcast goals. Today we’ll review ways to monetize your show so you can determine what works for you.

How to Collaborate with Multiple Podcast Hosts

Hosting your own podcast week after week can be a bit of a challenge.  It can take a lot of time to write the content, schedule guests, record and publish, and promote to your audience. One way to reduce the amount of time and energy you spend on your podcast is by having multiple podcast hosts. I recently did this with a new podcast launched earlier this year. And today, I’m sharing my tips and tricks on how you can make this work for your podcast.

Why You Need Contracts for Podcast Hosts and Guests

As a podcaster, you work really hard on your show. So, you need to protect it. This means you need to have contracts for anyone working on your show, but especially anyone who appears on the show such as a podcast host and guests. It may seem like a hassle, but you need to make sure you have full permission to use these recordings the best way you see fit. Or you could end up in some hot water, like me. Today we’re talking about creating contracts for podcast hosts and guests.

How to Aircheck Your Podcast Episodes

How good is your podcast? You may have downloads and you may have advertisers, but how good is your show, really? It’s a question every podcaster should ask themselves. The process of doing an honest review of your show is called an aircheck, it’s a radio and television term. Today you’ll learn the key components of what makes a good podcast aircheck, so you can do it yourself. If you want a podcast professional to aircheck your show, we can help with that too.

How To Keep Your Podcast On Budget

Every podcast needs a budget or plan for how much time, energy and money podcasters are going to put into their shows. So, how do you put your budget together and what are some of the common pitfalls many podcasters face that could throw their budget off course?

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