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Ways to Spice Up Your Podcast with Music

Music is the glue that holds your podcast together. Do it wrong, or fail to use music at all, and your audience may feel like something is off- even if they can’t quite put their finger on what it is. Personally, I believe music is a must for your podcast. So, let’s talk about ways you can spice things up.


Should You Hire a Podcast Editor?

Based on my experience, it’s the biggest thing holding most people back from podcasting.  If you don’t love to edit, then it’s kind of a pain, even if you have a really simple recording set-up with only a couple of tracks.  But what happens when there’s an issue with your audio? A faint hum in your audio line, or a guest whose favorite word seems to be “um”.  Should you tackle the editing beast by yourself, or hire a podcast editor?


Does Your Podcast Need a Website?

Get a home base for your podcast You’ve got your podcast, great! Now, where do you put it? Sure, you’ll submit to major distribution sites like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, but don’t you need a website as well? A place where you can put extra content and perhaps even start ranking for popular […]


How to Discover and Research New Podcasts

If you’re thinking about starting a podcast, one of the first things you should do is RESEARCH. How do you find these great podcasts, and what questions should you be asking yourself to make sure you have all the information you need? Today we’re talking all about how to discover and research new podcasts.


Why You Need to Repurpose Your Podcast Content

Your podcast isn’t just a podcast. It’s also a blog post, a YouTube short, and a meme just waiting to be found. How on earth do you make this work? You make it work by making it worth your while. In today’s episode, we’ll discuss how to make your podcast content work in multiple ways.


How To Write the Best Podcast Ads

make your podcast ads memorable You’re listening to your favorite podcast, and then boom, all of a sudden you’re hit with a podcast ad. Most of us “put up” with ads because we want to support the shows we’re listening to… but I think there’s a better way. What if ads were actually entertaining? You […]


Make Your Podcast SEO-Friendly

It would be nice if every podcast had a robust marketing budget to help get the word out about their show. But the reality is, most don’t.  Yeah, you can promote to your client list and share some stuff on social. But you really want podcast audiences to know about your content, and that’s where SEO, search engine optimization, matters. So how do you make your podcast appear in the search results?


Re-Releasing Content: Is It Taboo for Podcasts?

Most podcast experts, including myself, will tell you it’s really important to release content on a regular basis. And that’s true! When you’re consistent, you show people you’re serious about your podcast. But is it ever ok to re-release podcast episodes? Is it taboo for podcasts?


Why Your Podcast Episodes Need a Script or Outline

Whenever you’re presenting content, it’s a good idea to be prepared, right? Even if you know your topic really well,  your environment may be different, you may be speaking to a different audience. Well, creating content for your podcast is no different.  You are the expert and you’re representing your business.


Change Your Podcast Host Provider (Without Losing Your Audience)

If you have a podcast, you need a podcast host provider. And not all providers are created equal. The provider you start with may be exactly what you need in the beginning… but you may need to swap podcast host providers as the needs of your podcast change. So, how do you make this switch as seamless as possible? And what are some common mistakes podcasters make during this transition?


Best Practices for Recording Your Podcast Remotely

One of the really cool things about podcasting is the ability to record with anyone, anywhere. If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s the importance of being able to connect with each other- regardless of where you’re at on the planet. And to do that, you need to record your podcast remotely.


Why Bulk-Recording Your Podcast Saves Time and Money

Improve the Effectiveness of Your Podcast Recordings As a business owner, there are two things I’m always trying to save..TIME and MONEY. Time because it’s precious, you can’t get any more of it. And money because that’s what makes the world go round. In podcasting, one way to save time and money is by bulk-recording […]


Start Your Podcast for $250 or Less

Most businesses have a budget – something you reflect on throughout the year to make sure your business stays “in the black”. It’s essential, right? Your podcast needs a budget as well. And you don’t have to break the bank. But some things you don’t want to skimp out on. Today you’ll learn how to start your podcast for $250 or less.


How I 10x’d My Podcast Revenue

Sometimes in business, you have one of those magical moments. I call them “lightbulb moments”. You’re plugging away at something and then BOOM, the light comes on. You’ve figured something out. This is how I felt when I first started making money with my podcasts.

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